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Hello again!
I know, I know, it says in the tagline ‘Photography, Food, and Unsolicited Opinions’. Well, you have my word, they will be here soon enough! This past week I have been juggling a few different projects. Here on (new home thanks entirely to my amazing computer-whiz brother, see link in sidebar) I have been mainly focusing on getting some content moved in and messing around with a million (seemingly unnecessary but of course incredibly important according to every tutorial) settings. In real life I am still working on my degree. I know it’s getting closer but sometimes it feels like one of those dreams where you try and try to reach something and it is always just a little bit further than you can reach. In short, college sucks. I keep looking at those graphs that show how much more money college grads make than drop-outs or high school diploma-holders, cursing our capitalist society, and then finally quit procrastinating and do the work in less time than the wallowing took in the first place. It’s pretty sad. Anyways, ‘what else is going on?’ you might ask. If you did, I might mention the time earlier this week when I set my alarm clock to PM rather than AM and was an hour late for work. I might mention the gossip that ensued. I might even mention that I applied for another job because of the whole thing. Those are all just ‘maybes’ though. In reality, I would probably give a non-commital ‘not much’ and move on. Perhaps that’s what I should have gone with.
Alright, enough rambling. I just want to thank whoever is reading this for, well, reading this. I love feedback so feel free to comment (read: give me another excuse to ignore Oceanography for 5 minutes)!
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Another gorgeous flower from my mother’s garden. The petals reminded me of delicate lace. I felt that they might tear if I touched them, so I photographed them instead.

Through the Fence

An interesting perspective.

In flight

Birds flying in the falling snow.

Industrial Columns

The remains of possibly an old pier from the heyday of my hometown. I wonder if the railroad magnates and prostitutes looked out at these same posts when they were new.


The calm right before a storm. I was pretty sure these mountains were about to merge with the storm and consume all that was good in the world. It made for a striking photograph though.

Through the Window

As we were driving through Montana (or possibly Wyoming) on a roadtrip a few years back, we found ourselves in the middle of a summer storm. To the chagrin of my mother, I unbuckled my seatbelt and crawled halfway into the front seat to take this photo. I found quite beautiful the contrast of the soft lines of water against the harsh crack in the windshield illuminated by the vivid yellow of dried grass fields. I hope you find something beautiful here too!

Looking Up

A rare burst of color during the gray winter months.


A tulip at the Tulip Festival in La Conner, WA, 2010.

Splitting the Sea

This was taken at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard. The way in which the light reflections on the water framed the bow of this old fishing boat caught my attention. This photo feels calm to me, and a bit cold. That may just be burned into my memory by the freezing December weather, however.